Research area


#NamePositionLesson's groupResearch teamResearch interest
Associate professor, HeadPhysical chemistryPhysical chemistry- Chemistry and technology of bleaching and dyeing process of wool fiber
- Electrochemistry, electrocoagulation
- Kinetics and thermodynamics on adsorption process
- Synthesis and characterization of functional material based on Nano-sized substances
2Ts.DarjaaProfessor emeritus chemistryGeneral and inorganic chemistryPhysical chemistry1. Application of electro-oxidation method in nonferrous and precious metal’s ore leaching
- Recovery of molybdenum and rhenium molybdenum concentrate leach solution obtained by electro-oxidation.
- Recovery of gold and base metals from gold ore leach solution obtained by electro-oxidation.
- Study on the dissolution and isolation process of the precious metals from gold industrial waste and refractory gold ores.
2. Determination and detoxication of toxic elements in the soil, water and air
- Optimization of HG-AAS for determination of arsenic in geochemical samples of Mongolia.
Accurately and precisely determine wide range of arsenic concentration by HG-AAS and FAAS in geochemical solid samples,
- Investigation the distribution of arsenic content in different area of Mongolia
- Study on Air and Soil Prolusions of Ulaanbaatar City
- Study on detoxicatin process during cyanidation leaching of the Boroo Gold ore, Mongolia
- Evaluation of Arsenic Removal using Iron oxide Loaded Alginate Beads and synthesized iron(VI) compounds.
3. Water quality and water property analysis
- Study of seasonal changes of chemical composition and properties of the waters used in the flotation process
3N.OyuntsetsegProfessor emeritus chemistryChemical didacticChemical didactic- Chemical education
- Science curriculum, educational standard, assessment
- Lesson study
4B.EnkhsaruulProfessorOrganic chemistryClean Energy Technology Development- Fossil fuel chemistry
- Clean energy technology
- Heterogeneous catalytic processes
5O.BolormaaProfessorAnalytical chemistryEnvironmental Risk Assessment and Metrology- Hydro chemical analysis on surface and underground water samples
- Interchangeable movement and dynamics of ions between water and sediment
- Monitoring of soil contamination and techno genic soil
- Bioremediation and phytoremediation of contaminated soil by heavy metals and organic hydrocarbons
- Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
- Chemical metrology
- Elemental analysis of biomaterials (human hair and nail)
6N.AmgalanAssociate ProfessorGeneral and inorganic chemistryEnvironmental Risk Assessment and Metrology- Monitoring of Air Quality
- Environmental pollution (organic compounds)
- Research in light
7N.DavaajavAssociate ProfessorOrganic chemistryClean Energy Technology Development- Coal chemistry, technology
8D.RentsenmyadagAssociate ProfessorOrganic chemistryOrganic synthesis- Organic Synthesis,
- Nano materials
9Sh.NaranmandakhAssociate ProfessorOrganic chemistryBiological active compounds of natural products- Phytochemistry (Studies of chemical compositions of biological active compounds of mushrooms and plants)
- Glycology (Studies of structure and physiological activity of polysaccharides of mushrooms and plants)
- Cultivation of mushrooms and plants
10B.MunkhjargalAssociate ProfessorOrganic chemistryFunctional Food and Natural Product Chemistry- Study on chemistry, chemical & biotechnological innovative processing of agricultural wastes and food processing by-products in Mongolia into value added functional foods including probiotic, prebiotic and bioactive bio-products
- Exploration health promoting effects of bioactive compounds from Mongolian traditional food and medicine
- Discovery new bioactive compounds or leads from selected medicinal and useful plants used in the traditional Mongolian medicines
11A.AltangerelAssociate ProfessorPhysical chemistryPhysical chemistry- Physico-chemical study of adsorption
- Study of property of sorption materials
- Biohydrometallurgy of precious and non-ferrous metals
12Ch.NyamgerelSenior lecturerChemical didacticChemical didactic- Research on Education standards and Curriculum
- Textbook research
- Lesson and Learning study
- Education of sustainable development
- Assessment in chemistry education
13B.TuyagerelSenior lecturerOrganic chemistryFunctional Food and Natural Product Chemistry- Natural products chemistry:Study of biological active compounds of Mongolian drug and endemic plants
- Food chemistry: 1. Manufacturing possibility of functional food production using by-products of dairy food processing, 2. Study of functional dairy products based on biological active food plants
14Ch.BuyanSenior lecturerAnalytical chemistryEnvironmental Risk Assessment and Metrology- Environmental chemical analysis
- Organic contaminants in water and soil
- Heavy metal contamination of water and soil
- Biological remediation techniques (bioremediation, phytoremediation)
- Toxicology
15I.SaruulSenior lecturerOrganic chemistryClean Energy Technology Development- Clean energy technology
- Renewable energy technology
16J.IrekhbayarSenior lecturerOrganic chemistryClean Energy Technology Development- Natural compounds chemistry
- Coal chemistry
17G.OyunbilegSenior lecturerOrganic chemistryClean Energy Technology Development-Clean energy catalysts: Fuel cell and battery
18B.SukhbaatarSenior lecturerPhysical chemistryPhysical chemistry- Electrochemistry
- Molecular simulation and modelling
- Nano materials
19N.ShurkhuuSenior lecturerGeneral and inorganic chemistry- Teaching chemistry
- Nano chemistry use in school.
27L.MunkhgerelSenior lecturerOrganic chemistryFunctional Food and Natural Product Chemistry- Biotechnology of natural products and food
- Environmental biotechnology
20Sh.SainbilegLecturerChemical didacticChemical didactic-Lesson study
21O.AltantsetsegLaborantAnalytical chemistryEnvironmental Risk Assessment and Metrology-Water analysis
22D.GantsetsegLaborantPhysical chemistry-Precious metals
23T.SarantuyaLaborant- Biohydrometallurgy of precious and non-ferrous metals
24G.EnkhjargalLaborantOrganic chemistryClean Energy Technology Development-Coal, Petroleum and Organic synthesis
25J.OchbaatarLaborantGeneral and inorganic chemistryChemical didactic-Lesson study
26D.Nomin-ErdeneLaborantOrganic chemistryPhysical chemistry- Electrochemistry, electrocoagulation
28E.OyuntselmegAssistant-Eco-standard, environmental policy