Historical journey

1942 The National University of Mongolia was founded. Department of Chemistry was one of the 7 founding departments at National University of Mongolia, opening its doors in the fall of 1942.

New departments and academic laboratories of chemistry were handed over by professors and scientists from the USSR and instructional equipment and apparatus are gifted by Moscow State University.

1951 At the faculty of teachers in the NUM opened chemical and biological branch. Began to prepare chemists, biologists and teachers of chemistry and biology

1955 Department of chemistry started the program to prepare the chemist and teacher of chemistry.

1957 Department of chemistry become a part of the Faculty of Natural Science.

1967 Chemical training was transferred to a five-year course, and all students began to write a thesis.

1990 The first National Olympiad in Chemistry was organized.

1991 Research Center of Chemistry and Technology of New Materials was established.

1997 Department of chemical technology was separated from the Department of chemistry.

1993 Faculty of chemistry was stablished independently from the Faculty of Natural Science.

1994 Undergraduate training was transferred to a four-years course. Study program was renewed and three stepped study of bachelor, master, and doctorate programs for chemistry and chemical education are began.

1998 Start training for the preparation of the environmental and petrochemical chemistry.

1999 Start training for the preparation of the food and mineral chemistry.

2004 Approved the program of the teacher of chemistry and natural Sciences

2005 Start training for the preparation of the natural products chemistry.

2006 First graduation of undergraduate training for chemistry and natural science teachers.

2008 Founded a Research Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

2009 First enrollment in interdisciplinary master program of Nanotechnology and Nano-engineering.

2010 Faculty of Chemistry was reorganized as School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and changed its structure and organization

2010 Start training for the preparation of the coal chemistry.

2011 Coal research Center was established.

2012 The Chemistry Program was accredited by the National Accreditation Council.

2014 The Department of chemistry was reorganized and belongs to the Natural Science Branches of the School of Science

2014 The bachelor’s program in chemistry was updated in accordance with international standards of professional teachers and the program in chemistry.

2014 Students of oil and coal chemistry have been invited to visit the Yinchuan University of Ningxia Autonomous Region of China.

2014 Laboratory of Coal chemistry (№321) was equipped with modern equipment and devices.

2014 Laboratory of Chemical didactics (№ 224) was equipped with modern devices.

2014 The Food Chemistry Program was accredited by the National Accreditation Council.

2015 A database of chemicals used in the Department of chemistry was created.

2015 Laboratory of Physical and colloidal chemistry (№ 229) was equipped with modern materials and tools.

2017 The bachelor’s program in chemistry began improving and refining due the first version of quality assurance institutions for scientific study programs of ASIIN.

2017 The Agreement on cooperation of the Department of chemistry with the Inner Mongolia National University was approved.